NYC lightpole outside Fox News headquarters swarmed by bees

Midtown Manhattan was buzzing Tuesday when a large colony of bees gathered around a light pole, prompting onlookers to stop in amazement, at a distance of course. 

The bees were seen gathering around the pole on 46th Street and the Avenue of the Americas, also known as 6th Avenue. 

Onlookers gather Tuesday to watch a large colony of bees gather around a light pole in midtown Manhattan.
(Fox News)

Coincidently, the gathering spot is right outside Fox News headquarters. 

The New York Police Department told Fox News it was sending a beekeeper to the area to vacuum up the bees.

They said no injuries or car accidents related to the bee invasion were reported. Authorities were not sure why the bees chose the busy spot to form a colony but there was no threat of an invasion, they said. 


In July, an NYPD beekeeper removed 10,000 bees from Times Square. He came back two weeks later to the same area and removed a smaller swarm. 

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