Ingraham: Biden ‘holding America hostage’ as Democrats ‘remake’ US because they ‘despise us’

In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue on Monday, host Laura Ingraham said a recent change in tone from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will revert to nonchalance once the media gives the White House enough positive headlines on the immigration crisis – and that President Joe Biden will continue to “hold America hostage” until radical Democrats’ plans to remake the nation are fully realized.

“The Democrats have a lot of items on their ‘Remake America’ wish-list: Tax hikes, a huge expansion of government, killing oil & gas, critical race theory – But through it all, they have one overriding priority—holding on to power,” she said, adding that she was proven correct in that the Biden administration wouldn’t act in the slightest on the illegal immigration front until they were forced to.

Thanks in part to gripping footage from Fox News’ drone crew and correspondent Bill Melugin in south Texas, the Biden administration was finally forced to respond to what is now more than 11,000 illegal immigrants camping under the Acuna-Del Rio Bridge – as more continue to stream north across a dam in the Rio Grande.

“The White House knows Biden’s numbers are cratering, and the reasons aren’t just limited to Afghanistan and high gas prices….the border is a huge part of it,” she said, adding that that fact is in part why Mayorkas suddenly sounded forceful in remarks about deportations earlier Monday.

However, she predicted his sudden concern will be short-lived, noting the secretary went to great lengths to even hold off from uttering the word ‘crisis’. The host suggested the administration’s sudden concern has nothing to do with the safety of the nation they swore to protect, and everything to do with politics:

“Mayorkas, and Biden’s keepers, actually do believe that borders are immoral.  When they say they’re against illegal immigration, it means nothing. For most of the year, any time the border issue was raised, these people would punt the question,” she said.

But, with 2022 midterm election campaigns already heating up, and statewide races in New Jersey and Virginia coming up in a matter of weeks, the president’s handlers understand that his approval rating is cratering and that completely ignoring the situation could drag down his party’s candidates.

“They need to take a political weapon away from Republicans,” she said.

“Of course the regime media, which had been dutifully downplaying the border crisis for months, is now stepping up to help burnish Biden’s reputation as tough on immigration.”

“After they get a few headlines about deportations and stanch the political bleeding, Mayorkas will return to business as usual. The entire thing is and always has been a scam—and I blame Republicans on the Hill for not having addressed this in Trump’s first 100 days in office – under no circumstances, must they fall for the Democrats’ border bait and switch — their implicit threat is to let the border crisis continue until Republicans cave to their demands for mass amnesty,” Ingraham said.

She pointed to public statements from New Mexico Sen. Ben Ray Lujan – whose state sits right next to the epicenter that is Texas – in which the lawmaker claimed there is no “open border.”

“Biden’s subversion of U.S. immigration law is a direct assault on American sovereignty.  His scrapping the most effective aspects of Trump’s immigration policies led directly to this current crisis – with severe economic, national security, political and health-related consequences for American citizens.  It’s all on him.”

“Every crime they commit, every tax dollar they consume, every disease that is spread, every cartel member that’s enriched, all of it is on Biden.”

She noted that the feds continue to ignore the border but massively beefed up security around the U.S. Capitol for a “Justice for J6” rally this past weekend that saw few attendees and no violence.


“For much of this year it has felt like America is being held hostage–by an incompetent White House, fear-mongering public health officials, and radical extremists who despise us and our values,” Ingraham said.

“They want us to believe that unless we cede to their demands, their rules, their edicts and orders, we won’t have any freedom or any peace.  But now they’re exposed—we know they don’t care about the average American.  In fact, they loathe them.  And you know the old saying, never negotiate with hostage-takers.”

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