Dan Bongino: ‘Tonight, the great awakening is starting in America’

Dan Bongino said that the “great awakening” is starting in America on Saturday’s inaugural “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.” 

DAN BONGINO: Tonight, the great awakening is starting in America. Americans are worried about the fabric of our society being torn apart. Kids are being taught critical race theory. This is racist. This is a racist theory being taught to your kids right now in school. Our kids aren’t oppressors. Our kids are the future. 

Your tax rates are about to go up. Where has this worked? We’ve tried this before, remember the Jimmy Carter era, stagflation? And who can tell you with a straight face that the government can spend your money better than you can, how does this make sense? Government control is growing. Your right to assemble, your right to practice your religion, all under attack. Where was the appendix in the Constitution that said ‘if there’s a viral outbreak, your rights get flushed down the toilet.’ I haven’t seen it, you probably haven’t seen it either. 

And parents have had enough. With everything from ridiculous mask mandates to the endless indoctrination of their children…if we can’t teach our kids about freedom and liberty and personal responsibility, then how the hell are we going to make the case to politicians? And that’s exactly what parents are doing now, standing up in their own communities. 


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