Sen. Hawley says ‘Democrat group’ is harassing his sister at work

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., on Friday said a “Democrat group” has harassed his sister “multiple times” at her clinical office in Missouri.

The senator posted photos of a billboard truck that reads, “Josh Hawley betrayed Missouri and America,” outside his sister’s dermatology office in Springfield, Missouri, to Twitter.

“My sister is a doctor and a Navy vet. She spends her life serving others,” Hawley said in the . “This week, a Democrat group has come to her clinic during working hours multiple times to harass her and her patients, driving a billboard truck around the clinic – all because she’s my sister.”

Really American billboard campaign outside Dr. Lesley Hawley’s office (Credit: Sen. Josh Hawley’s office)

Hawley identified the group as Really American — a PAC backed by Act Blue, a progressive fundraising platform.


“This is disgusting & cowardly behavior,” the Missouri senator said in the post. “If they have a problem with me, they can come to my office & take it up with me. But to target and harass my sister & those she serves is pathetic & shameful.”

Sen. Josh Hawley and Dr. Lesley Hawley (Credit: Sen. Hawley's office)

Sen. Josh Hawley and Dr. Lesley Hawley (Credit: Sen. Hawley’s office)

Hawley’s sister released a separate statement Friday that Hawley shared on his Twitter page.

“This group has come to my medical clinic, onto private property, multiple times this week, apparently in an attempt to harass me and my patients for political purposes. We have reported them to police. I will not allow my patients, many of whom are elderly, to be intimidated or denied medical care,” the doctor said.

“And if you think you’re going to intimidate me, you’re dead wrong,” she continued.

Really American responded to the allegations on Twitter, writing, “The Republican Party, which is supposed to value free speech, is now calling to have us banned because we put up billboards in the neighborhood listed as Hawleys [sic] residence in Missouri. Fascists.”

The group added that Republicans “can lie all they want,” calling Hawley’s tweets and other criticism “a distraction and a poor attempt to silence” Really American.


Hawley called their response a “lie,” and said the group “came on to the private property of a medical clinic in Springfield,” while his Missouri home is located in a different town called Ozark.

Protesters have demonstrated outside a number of state and federal lawmakers’ homes this year, including Hawley’s family home near Washington, D.C. Lawmakers ranging from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., to Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot have faced demonstrators on or near their property in recent months.

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