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Captain Marvel is Learning Magic From a Villain to Spite Doctor Strange

Captain Marvel visits the Enchantress and tries to convince the villain to teach her magic by making a hilarious point about Doctor Strange.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #29 by Marvel Comics below.

Captain Marvel’s quest to learn magic has taken her directly into the path of the Enchantress and in order to get the powerful spellcaster to teach her, she’s pulling out all the stops. In a new preview for Captain Marvel #29, Carol Danvers does her best to convince the Enchantress to be her teacher – and she seems to finally get somewhere when she namedrops Doctor Strange.

Carol Danvers has reached out to just about every magic user in the Marvel Universe in order to learn how to cast spells herself. Captain Marvel is desperate to overcome her greatest weakness knowing that the villainous Ove, the future son of Namor and the Enchantress, has teleported to their timeline after the two fought in a dystopian future where the Avengers were killed. In order to prevent that dark reality from coming to fruition, Carol reached out to Doctor Strange (and had a short romance with him) but still was rejected by sorcerers from across the globe, from Scarlet Witch to Nico Minoru. Understandably, they don’t want to show Carol how to master her one true weakness.

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In a new preview for Captain Marvel #29, courtesy of Multiversity Comics, Carol sits down for tea with the villain Enchantress. The meeting is tense, as Captain Marvel reveals she’s holding back the urge to “punch her into the sun,” while the Enchantress wants to know how she found her. When Carol tells Enchantress she wants her to teach her magic, Enchantress bursts out in laughter, much like some of the other magicians she’s encountered. When asked why she’d ever help Captain Marvel, Carol says, “because Doctor Strange doesn’t want you to,” which immediately gets the Enchantress’ attention.

Captain Marvel then makes her pitch, telling the sorceress she wants to prevent the future dystopian nightmare and offers to put in in a good word with Thor. She continues, saying the Enchantress loves breaking rules and there aren’t many bigger than defying Doctor Strange and teaching her magic.

Captain Marvel even drops a hint that the person she’s after knows both Atlantean and Asgardian magic, which impresses the Enchantress. Little does she know, she’d actually be helping take down her evil future son. Carol will have to be quite careful in sharing details about Ove, as too much info might turn the villainous sorceress against her.

It’s quite impressive Captain Marvel got any sorcerer to listen to her, even if Enchantress was a last resort. It turns out, all she had to do was tell her Doctor Strange was against her plan and the villain’s interest was immediately piqued. Captain Marvel #29 is in comic book stores Wednesday.

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Source: Multiversity Comics

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