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Pokémon Unite: Blastoise Release Date Leaks & Rumors

Pokémon Unite’s Blastoise character was present in promotional material, but has not yet been released in-game and can likely be expected soon.

Pokémon Unites promotional material featured several Pokémon that were not present at the game’s initial release. Gardevoir, Blastoise, and the recently discovered Blissey (whose identity was uncovered by dataminers) will be joining Pokémon Unite’s roster. Unfortunately, neither Blastoise nor Blissey have received official release dates from the Pokémon Unite team, but Blastoise has been the subject of many recent rumors and alleged leaks.

Blastoise is a natural new addition to the game thanks to the existence of the other Kanto starter Pokémon, Charizard and Venusaur. Kanto is currently the generation with the most representation in Pokémon Unite, and Blastoise will only continue to add to the already unbalanced ratio. The Water-type Pokémon’s moveset, as well as various skins, have been released or leaked to the public through various sources. Gardevoir’s recent release suggests that Pokémon Unite will soon be adding Blastoise to its roster.

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Recently, the Pokémon Unite Twitter account posted a picture of Blastoise next to Gardevoir in the Pokémon Unite roster. Alleged leaks have already shown Blastoise as a Defender Pokémon with movesets to stun and slow opponents. Blastoise’s passive is called Torrent, and will increase the Pokémon’s Attack and Special Attack stats if its enemy is below half health. Its first Special Move is Water Gun, which decreases the target’s movement speed and knocks them back. Hydro Pump is a Ranged attack with the same effects as Water Gun but with increased damage. Water Spout is an Area attack, which decreases the speed of enemies trapped within it for a short time. Similarly, Skull Bash acts as a stunning attack and upgrades into Surf or Rapid Spin.

Pokémon Unite’s Release Style Could Be Mirrored For Each Character

Pokémon Unite’s Gardevoir character was released Wednesday, July 28, only a week after the game launched. Given the style of content releases for games of this genre, players can likely look forward to a Wednesday release for Blastoise. An August 11, 18, or 25 release would be the most likely dates for Blastoise to join the game, as Pokémon Unite could be adapting a monthly release schedule for new Pokémon characters. Setting up the game for regular content releases in the form of skins, characters, or maps would be key to Unite‘s survival against other spin-offs and MOBAs on the market.

During the Pokémon Unite beta, players discovered several skins and items for characters such as Blastoise. Like its fellow Kanto starters, Blastoise was given a unique outfit that players could earn through gameplay and microtransactions. Blastoise’s skin features a green fedora and matching, button-up vest. Additionally, players have begun to speculate which in-game items in Pokémon Unite will suit Blastoise’s moveset and builds. Given the descriptions of its supposed abilities, players should look to obtain and upgrade the Rocky Helmet, Assault Vest, Aeos Cookie, Score Shield, Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, or Leftovers for their Blastoise.

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