Ingraham: Left’s manipulation of US terms and ideals exposed in effort to redefine and disarm America

Fox News host Laura Ingraham took a look at “radical” statements made by President Biden’s nominee for the ATF on the Second Amendment, Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

INGRAHAM: Now fast forward to the present-day language manipulation directly impacting our Second Amendment rights. Now Biden’s nominee to head the ATF unwittingly revealed how Democrats have used language to deprive us of basic freedoms when Senators today pinned him down.   

Language matters.  The term “assault weapon” itself is made up and meaningless.  It’s just meant to scare people into thinking they should be banned and no matter what Democrats say, it will be used to justify an eventual confiscation of guns in America.  

Biden has pretended to be a moderate on gun rights, but he’s surrounded himself with radicals like that guy who publicly ridicule gun owners.  

It’s obvious that this guy, who is representing Joe Biden’s views, does not believe in the Second Amendment, and does believe that Americans should be trusted with guns, period. We know what this means what it’s going to look like, only criminals will have guns, and innocent people will be at risk.  

It is tragic that so many people in our cities have fallen prey to the left’s lies, and they blame their problems on the honest gun owners of this country.  We have to keep doing everything we can to alert the good people of crime-ridden cities, who live there, that there is a better way. 

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